Spinnaker Coating is an Employee Owned company committed to providing quality products to our customers, accompanied by industry-leading personalized service. Consistent with our Shared Values, we pride ourselves on conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and are committed to acting with integrity, respect, and honesty in all interactions with our customers, suppliers, and other constituencies (including all governmental agencies), as well as among Employee Owners.

Spinnaker only manufactures in the United States. In the course of our business, we purchase raw materials, primarily paper products and adhesives, the vast majority of which are also manufactured in the United States. After diligent inquiry of our suppliers, it is our belief that the materials used in our products comply with existing laws and regulations regarding slavery and human trafficking in any foreign countries in which any of our suppliers may be doing business. Should any information come to our attention that would cause us to conclude that this belief is no longer justified, we will modify this statement appropriately.

That said, in accordance with the provisions of California law, the Spinnaker hereby gives notice that it:

    1. Does not verify product supply chains to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery;

    2. Does not conduct supplier audits to evaluate compliance with company standards;

    3. Does not require direct suppliers to certify that the products comply with laws of the country in which the supplier does business.

    4. Does not maintain internal accountability standards for employees and contractors that fail to meet company standards concerning human trafficking and slavery; and

    5. Does not make sure that employees and management who have responsibility for supply chain management are trained on trafficking and slavery, particularly on how to mitigate risks within the supply chains of products.