Spinnaker Coating Adds New Adhesives

Troy, Ohio – September 15, 2016 – Spinnaker Coating LLC, a manufacturer and industry-leading service provider of pressure sensitive paper and film products for the printing industry, has added 3 new adhesives to its product line.

CLD-10 is an economical hot melt rubber-based adhesive with good adhesion properties in cold environments. “Cold temperature applications can be challenging,” said Joel Ulrich, Product Manager. “This adhesive helps converters compete in these demanding market situations from both a performance and a price standpoint.” The minimum application temperature is 10°F, with a service range of -50°F to 130°F. In addition to robust performance in cold environments, CLD-10 also offers superior die cutting compared to other hot melt rubber-based adhesives. Some applications and substrates to test include: deli containers, clam shells, water and juice bottles, plastic containers, meat and cheese packaging, paperboard, shrink wrap, and corrugate.

GripTight is an aggressive, hot melt rubber-based adhesive designed for difficult surfaces, including many building materials, manufacturing and packaging products, horticultural products, plastics, and wovens. While GripTight is a heavy coat weight, it will die cut, strip, and dispense well compared to other similar aggressive adhesives – no adhesive pattern application needed. Applications and substrates for testing include: ceramic tile, granite, unfinished wood, corrugated plastic, vinyl sheeting, PVC, and woven bags.

Some applications are perfectly suited for a general purpose adhesive. GP-28 is an economical, hot melt rubber-based adhesive with good adhesion to a variety of substrates. This adhesives allows converters to compete in market situations where price is paramount. This adhesive works well on general purpose substrates such as glass, painted metal, and plastic. It also works well with packaging materials, shrink wrap, corrugate, plastic containers, and with retail products.

“We are thrilled to offer converters these three new adhesive options,” added Ulrich. “Many of our customers have asked for solid performing adhesives at an affordable price, so GP-28 and CLD-10 fit this criteria. They also tell us that they run into applications that are just tricky, like some horticultural substrates, and GripTight has worked really well in these situations.”

Constructions with these adhesives are available Trimless with a minimum of one roll 3” x 5,000’. This provides users with the ability to try these products on a smaller scale without having to order a full master.


About Spinnaker

Spinnaker Coating is a customer-focused company that develops, manufactures, and markets adhesive-coated paper and film constructions for conversion by printers and industrial users into marketing, identifying, promoting, labeling, and decorating applications. The Company is owned by its employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). www.spinps.com.

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