PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT from 7/10 Spinnaker Coating Newsletter

SureLock adhesive for textured surfaces

Finding an adhesive that will stick to textured surfaces can be a nightmare. It's not enough to have just an overly aggressive permanent. To achieve success in those types of applications, the characteristics of the adhesive need to be such that it will grab quickly to the substrate, and then flow into the nooks, crannies, cracks, holes, bumps, grit, and other non-smooth surface attributes. The adhesive must hold onto the texture, surround it, fill it, and not just sit on top, as may be the case with a typical permanent adhesive.

SureLock is designed to work where the flow of the adhesive is needed to fill in a textured surface; not applications requiring merely high adhesive, but ones that involve uneven surfaces that are difficult to stick to. This adhesive exhibits high tack and appropriate flow to work in a large number of hard-to-stick-to applications. SureLock works where many standard products do not and, when compared to other textured surface adhesives that have significantly higher coat weights than SureLock, it runs with less build-up on press and has a flat release profile for good dispensing.

Good for labels going on lumber, carpet front and back, plastic woven bags, ABS plastic, plywood, tile, burlap, cement, etc.

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