About Spinnaker Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Service Vision

Spinnaker is committed to being recognized as the outstanding service provider in the pressure sensitive industry. To achieve that goal, we must create a high level of confidence in the minds of our customers that we will meet or exceed their expectations ... every time.

Our commitment to service is, in effect, a promise to our customers that we will:

  • Deliver the right thing, to the right place, at the right time, including products, quotes, samples, and technical support;
  • Provide technical knowledge that is up-to-date, accessible, and broad-based;
  • Strive to be flexible with a keen sense of urgency, allowing our customers to respond more quickly to their customers;
  • Proactively communicate bad news in a timely manner;
  • Empower our employees to correct any service short falls that may occur;
  • Be warm, friendly, courteous, and responsive, remembering that business has as much to do with people as with products.


Spinnaker's mission is to be the provider of choice of pressure sensitive roll and sheet products to customers who value a supplier who invests the time to get it right. Our success will be achieved by:

  • Understanding our customers' needs and offering solutions that match our capabilities and provides them with a competitive advantage
  • Delivering quality products our customers can count on every time
  • Supporting our customers with responsive, personalized, and professional service and technical expertise

Spinnaker is committed to being a trusted supplier who offers our customers fast, practical solutions to their changing business needs