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Regulatory Info and Certifications

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BS 5609
Quality Management
Archival Materials

BS 5609 Certifications

British Standard 5609 is a specification for printed pressure sensitive labels for marine use. BS 5609 testing, which includes a 3-month exposure of labeled plates in salt water, is a requirement for self adhesive drum labels needing International Maritime Dangerous Good (IMDG) certification. The following products have been tested by Pira International and conform to BS 5609 Part 2 - ‘Maritime and Laboratory Performance of Label Base Materials’:

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2.0 mil Matte White Polyester / BP-52
3.0 mil TC Matte White Polypropylene / C-122F™
3.0 mil TC Matte White Polypropylene / Frostbite™
3.3 mil Durable Polypropylene / C-122F™
3.3 mil Durable Polypropylene / SFA™
PrimeScan® 90 / BC-20™
PrimeScan® 90 / C-122F™
PrimeScan® / BP-52 (custom)
PrimeScan® / SFA™
Kimdura 70 / C-122F™
Smudgeproof Kimdura FPG-80 / C-122F™
2.5 mil TC Matte White Laser Polyester / BP-52
4.5 mil White Inkjet Polypropylene / SFA™
5.0 mil Matte White Ink Jet Polypropylene / PDL-55
Laser Vinyl Drum Label / PDL-09
Endura® Inkjet Durable Paper / C-122F™

In addition to Part 2 certification, the following products have been tested by Pira International and also conform to BS 5609 Part 3 - 'Laboratory Performance of Printed Labels':
Purchasers should perform independent testing of labels.

Quality Management System

Many PS label customers have become certified to ISO9000, QS9000, or other similar standards to improve their business practices. Spinnaker has established a Quality Management System modeled after ISO9001:2015 to assure the quality of the products and services provided by us.

Our Quality Management System places emphasis on product quality through the entire material realization process, from conception to delivery. Careful attention is paid to: design and development validation, materials selection and qualification, process controls and performance verifications, and ultimately, the special needs identified by our customers to ensure we provide products that consistently perform at the highest level.

We have elected not to become registered by a 3rd Party Registrar at this time. However, we encourage customers to visit our facilities to see, first-hand, the practices established to provide the quality and service you count upon. Our Quality Manual is available upon request, and a plant visit can be arranged to assure you we meet any quality requirements you might have for a PS Label Supplier.

Archival Materials

ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 is a standard that establishes Lignin Content (%), Alkaline reserve, and pH criteria for coated and uncoated paper that will last several hundred years without significant deterioration under normal use and storage conditions in libraries and archives.

ISO 18916 is a test designed to insure that if the face sheet and/or adhesive comes in contact with a photograph, the image will not fade or yellow. This specification does not address the mounting of photographs, such as the holding strength of the adhesive or lack of adhesion over time.

The attached pdf shows the results for Spinnaker facestocks that meet ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 and Spinnaker adhesives and facestocks that have undergone Photographic Activity Testing (ISO 18916).